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Wednesday | January 29, 2020
Time Activity  (Click on an event to see full profile) Speakers Location
09:00 - 09:45a Hemp Research & Science
Tim Shaughnessy Jeffrey Steiner Sunny Summers Room 202-204
09:00 - 09:45a Women's Networking Event
Samantha Montanaro Lisa Snyder Room 201
10:00 - 10:45a Washington & Oregon Hemp Production & Regulations Update
Steven Howe Sunny Summers Room 202-204
11:00 - 11:45a Ocupational Safety & Health - Presentation will inform growers, producers, and retail what safety rules apply to them, what they need to have on available should they be inspected
Cory Stengel Room 201
11:00 - 11:45a Selling Hemp in Recreational Cannabis Retail
Pete Danko Rick Garza Steve Marks Room 202-204
12:30 - 01:15p Industrial Hemp Supply Chain Future; How to be successful in uncharted waters. - This session will examine the hemp supply chain issues that limited the market in 2019 and what it will take to be successful in the future.
Chase Hubbard Beau Whitney Room 202-204
01:30 - 02:15p Understanding the USDA Interim Hemp Regulations - A nuts & bolts guide to Compliance
Bill Richmond Room 202-204
02:30 - 03:15p Federal Hemp Law and Regulations: How the 2018 Farm Bill and USDA Interim Final Rules impact State and Tribal regulation of hemp production and your business!
Courtney Moran Room 202-204
03:30 - 04:15p Building a brighter future using CBD - There are number of wellness benefits linked to using hemp and we want to have a discussion about them.
Joanna Matson-Tandberg Room 202-204
04:30 - 05:15p Sales Challenges and Complexities In Selling Hemp Crops
Jason Peterson Ryan Shore Room 202-204
04:30 - 05:15p Complexities of a Regulated Hemp Industry: Finding Innovative Solutions from an Accountant, Banker & Lawyer
Dani Espinda Katrina Glogowski Josh Kincaid Carmella Murphy Room 201
Thursday | January 30, 2020
Time Activity  (Click on an event to see full profile) Speakers Location
09:00 - 09:45a Fundraising and Investing: Working in international hemp from farming to retail investing
Sara Batterby Room 202
09:00 - 09:45a Collaboration and Support via Associations & Memberships
William Cyr Bonny Jo Peterson Dylan Summers Room 201
09:00 - 09:45a Hemp Seed Genetics, Certification and Related Laws & Regulations
Dale Hunt Mike Leago Elizabeth Savory Room 203-204
10:00 - 10:45a Organic Hemp Cultivation in a Commodities Market - Helping prospective hemp farmers consider the benefits of choosing USDA Organic certification, and other programs to help distinguish themselves from the broader commodities market.
Chuck Adams Josh Gulliver Mason Walker Room 201
10:00 - 10:45a Washington & Oregon Hemp Production & Regulations Update
Steven Howe Sunny Summers Room 202
10:00 - 10:45a Federal Crop Insurance for Hemp - Learn the current status of Federal Crop Insurance for hemp production with a overview of the Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFPR) insurance product.
George Harris Ben Thiel Room 203-204
11:00 - 11:45a Hemp Farm Plan, Part 1: Planning & Pre-Planting challenges and complexities involved in outdoor hemp cultivation relative to Seed, Soil & Water Preparation
Jason Peterson Room 203--204
11:00 - 11:45a Hemp Legal & Contracts - Grower Beware: The Pitfalls and Dangers of Industrial Hemp Processing Agreements
Veronica Darling Room 202
11:00 - 11:45a Navigating National Growth: Determining When a National Retail Chain is the Right Fit For Your Company
Trista Okel Room 201
12:30 - 01:15p Indoor/Smokeable Hemp Grow: From a grower & greenhouse perspective
Jennifer Martin Scott Seaton Room 202
12:30 - 01:15p Hemp Farm Plan, Part 2: Planting, Growth & Maintenance challenges and complexities in outdoor hemp cultivation
Bill Hubbell Anthony Otter Jason Peterson Room 203-204
12:30 - 01:15p Choosing your Hemp Cannabinoid Processing/Extraction Methods
Jeff Pack Room 201
01:30 - 02:15p Hemp Processing & Extraction - Setup, Equipment, Certifications & SOP's
Pam Haley Room 201
01:30 - 02:15p Pesticide Use Enforcement - Presentation will discuss pesticide regulations, pesticide misuse in hemp/cannabis, drift from your neighbor and what to expect during a pesticide investigation.
Garnet Cooke Mike Odenthal Room 203-204
01:30 - 02:15p Weeding Through The CBD Jungle - How to Grow, Run and be Successful in the CBD Space including what is CBD, identifying a good CBD product and self manufacturing vs. white label.
Stuart Bennett Alex Rullo Room 202
02:30 - 03:15p Energy Use and Cost Savings Incentives: a hemp farming case study
Ken Iverson Andrey Kaya Ulrike Mengelberg Doug Oppedal Room 202
02:30 - 03:15p Hemp Farm Plan:, Part 3: Flowering & Compliance challenges and complexities in outdoor hemp cultivation
Dan Huson Jason Peterson Room 203-204
02:30 - 03:15p Selling Hemp & CBD Products to Big-Box Chains: preparing for and navigating the complexities
Gary Cohen Room 201
03:30 - 04:15p Working in International Hemp; Cultivation in Columbia and beyond
Matthew Anderson Todd Dalotto Room 201
03:30 - 04:15p Hemp Farm Plan, Part 4: Harvest & Post Harvest challenges and complexities involved in outdoor hemp cultivation
Jason Peterson Allen Plas Room 203-204
03:30 - 04:15p Legal & Legislation - Not Every Hemp-Derived Path to Success Goes Through the FDA
Alex Berger Room 202